Alyssum Bedding Plants Uk

Alyssum Bedding Plants Uk. Alyssum flowers are very attractive to pollinating and beneficial insects so it makes a good edging plant to sow around vegetable beds to entice insects to pollinate flowers and help. Alyssum, antirrhinum, begonias, french and african marigolds, fuschias, geraniums, lobelia, pelegoniums, petunias, surfinias, pansies and violas.

Alyssum Clear Crystal White | Plants For Sale | Free Uk Delivery
Alyssum Clear Crystal White | Plants For Sale | Free Uk Delivery from

Bred for its garden vigour this has great garden performance. Alyssum plants are small, compact, and slightly spreading in habit, growing to a maximum of 10cm high and 15cm wide. We supply the best quality young plug plants from our nursery in staffordshire delivered throughout england, scotland and wales.

We Supply The Best Quality Young Plug Plants From Our Nursery In Staffordshire Delivered Throughout England, Scotland And Wales.

Whether you're looking for attractive ground cover for your beds and borders or searching for the final flourish to your hanging baskets, we've got just what you need! Commonly known as sweet alyssum. Producing larger flowers than normal in a mix of pink, purple and white with a lovely fragrance.

Where Its Low Growing, Spreading Habit Mingles So Well With All Other Flowers And The Bonus Is, It Is Easy And Quick To Grow.

One of the hardier bedding plants. Transplant seedlings when there are at least two sets of secondary leaves, allowing 6 inches of space between plants. Alyssum blooms with clusters of fragant flowers.

Alyssum Plants Are Small, Compact, And Slightly Spreading In Habit, Growing To A Maximum Of 10Cm High And 15Cm Wide.

It is a dwarf growing plant with a spread of up to 35cm. To order your seasonal bedding plants please visit us or contact us for more. Bred for its garden vigour this has great garden performance.

Alyssum Flowers Are Very Attractive To Pollinating And Beneficial Insects So It Makes A Good Edging Plant To Sow Around Vegetable Beds To Entice Insects To Pollinate Flowers And Help.

Brassicaceae or cruciferae (cabbage family) botanical name: Bedding plants can be used less formally in the garden, perhaps to brighten up the front of a border or fill bare soil under roses. The blooms come in white, pink and purple.

Don’t Cover Seed, As Light Will Aid In Germination.

Alyssum (bedding) alyssum is now botanically called lobularia, but in spite of the slight name change it is still one of the most popular edging plants out there. Dahlias, geraniums bedding lobelias, salvias (salvia splendens cultivars) are some of the plants frequently used. The blooms come in white.

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