Alyssum Flower Gold Dust

Alyssum Flower Gold Dust. This flower is great for pollinators such as bees so. It's a good groundcover for a small area.

How To Grow And Care For Yellow Alyssum
How To Grow And Care For Yellow Alyssum from

Tall and spreads to 1 to 2 ft. They flower in early to mid spring. Orders above gbp99,99 will be delivered to you without any shipping costs.

500 Seeds/Pkt) Mfg Part Number:

Other names for this plant include aurinia saxatilis or aurinia saxitilis, and the older classification of this flower is alyssum saxatile. Massed racemes of tiny, bright yellow or white flowers. The leaves are covered with smooth, silvery hairs.

Specific Epithet Means Found Among Rocks.

'gold dust' is a mound forming perennial that grows 0.5 to 1 ft. The spreading habit of this plant makes it perfect for the border edge or to cascade and tumble down walls, and will bloom over a long period. On jan 21, 2005, lilylover_ut from ogden, ut (zone 5b) wrote:

They Have Stunning Yellow Flowers.

Basket of gold alyssum flower seeds promise some of the most tolerant and versatile perennial grows in any garden. Tall and spreads to 1 to 2 ft. Also known as aurinia saxatilis.

Orders Above Gbp99,99 Will Be Delivered To You Without Any Shipping Costs.

Alyssum saxatile compactum produces a carpet of lovely deep golden flowers from april to june. Alyssum plants are a member of the brassicaceae family, so are related to cabbages. It self sows, but not invasively.

Tolerates Drought And Poor Soils.

They have been combined with darwin tulips, with rock cress (arabis) and the false wall cress (aubrietia), and also with shrubs, such as the spiraeas. Fast growing perennial groundcover, perfect for rock gardens. Alyssum gold dust is a plant which will repay you handsomely simply by neglecting it.

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