Alyssum Flower Meaning

Alyssum Flower Meaning. Alyssum flower corresponds to the crown chakra. One of the most enduring garden annuals is sweet alyssum.

Alluring Alyssum - Life Is A Garden
Alluring Alyssum – Life Is A Garden from

Alysa is an alternative spelling. Devotion and friendship alyssum : As used in western countries, the name is usually derived from the name of the flower alyssum.

Now That You Know Flowers Say A Lot More Than You Think, Here Are Some Popular Garden And Bouquet Flowers And Their Meanings, To Get You Thinking.

Any of a genus (alyssum) of eurasian herbs of the mustard family with small usually yellow racemose flowers. One would be hard pressed to match a description so daintily apt. Any of various chiefly mediterranean weeds or ornamentals of the genus alyssum in the mustard family, having racemes of white or yellow flowers.

Any Widely Cultivated Herbaceous Garden Plant Of The Genus Alyssum, Having Clusters Of Small Yellow Or White Flowers:

Alyssum’s scientific name is lobularia maritima or alyssum maritimum, which comes from the greek words meaning ‘small pod’ and ‘marine’. Numerology for the alyssum is 8. Alysa is an alternative spelling.

The Word Maritima Means ‘Of The Sea’ Or ‘Coastal’.

It is also a plant with a role to play in witchcraft. If you are landscaping your garden or trying to add some colour to the landscape this flower could brighten up your garden. They will go dormant in the winter but will come back each growing season for the life of the plant.

Its Quite A Contrast Then To Know That The Name Alyssum Actually Comes From The Greek Word Lyssa Meaning Rage Or Madness And The A Meaning Against Giving It Its Meaning Today Without Madness.

The flower was formerly thought to cure skin diseases. If you live in zone nine, ten, or eleven, your alyssum flower plants can be grown as a perennial; Any of various plants belonging to the genus alyssum, of the mustard family, having clusters of small yellow or white flowers.

Alyssum Flower Corresponds To The Crown Chakra.

As used in western countries, the name is usually derived from the name of the flower alyssum. The fact that this plant is low maintenance means that it is great for new gardeners who want a pretty looking garden in no time! Alyssum is a pretty little annual flower that grows well from seed and works wonderfully in rock gardens, makes a great ground cover and makes a pretty edge to the flower bed.

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