Alyssum Flower Medicinal Uses

Alyssum Flower Medicinal Uses. In spain, it is used to treat gonorrhea while the flowers and leaves also find their way into spanish salads for flavor. Uses can be of many types:

A Wandering Botanist: Plant Story--Sweet Alyssum, Lobularia Maritima
A Wandering Botanist: Plant Story–Sweet Alyssum, Lobularia Maritima from

Sweet alyssum makes a colorful carpet of tiny flowers that you can use to blanket your garden or landscape. In spain, alyssum is used as an astringent for treating gonorrhea. Calendulas make great cut flowers, but their greatest use may be as topical oils or creams for burned or injured skin.

Flower Heads Are Located Centrally And Is Made Of Disk Florets.

Berteroa incana is a species of flowering plant in the mustard family, brassicaceae.its common names include hoary alyssum, false hoary madwort, hoary berteroa, and hoary alison. The widely cultivated species popularly known as sweet alyssum (alyssum maritimum) is lobularia maritima. There have been various uses of alyssum.

Herbal Remedies And Medicinal Uses Of Anemone:

In ancient times in greece, it was used to treat rabies. Being made into an ointment, and the eye lids anointed with it, it is good for inflammations of the eyes, and other diseases. Flowers are found in various shades of blue, pink, white, purple, red and maroon color.

The Common Rockery Plant ( Alyssum Saxatile ) Is Aurinia Saxatilis.

It is used for various medicinal purposes. In spain, it is used to treat gonorrhea while the flowers and leaves also find their way into spanish salads for flavor. This is why it retains the name alyssum.

It Can Be Used In Companion Planting To Attract Hoverflies, Whose Larva Eats Aphids.

Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally. This plant is an annual that self seeds very readily. Some of the more popular medicinal uses include treating coughs, abdominal pain, treating rabies (please see a medical professional right away if you believe you have been exposed to the rabies virus), treating scurvy (please see a medical professional if you think you might have scurvy), removing excess fluids from your system, promoting urine secretion,.

It Is Also Highly Esteemed There As An Astringent In The Treatment Of Gonorrhoea.

In the case of mouth ulcers munching the leaves of chameli give instant comfort. It is also used for treating scurvy. It is used for the treatment of rabies.

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