Alyssum Flower Rabbit Resistant

Alyssum Flower Rabbit Resistant. If you’re planting seeds, sow them on the surface of the soil after all chance of frost has passed. One great choice is lobularia maritima or sweet alyssum.

13 Rabbit-Resistant Annuals | Hgtv
13 Rabbit-Resistant Annuals | Hgtv from

Some gardeners have had success with spraying their flowers with a groundhog, deer and rabbit repellent to deter them. Rabbits grazing in your flower beds will simply eat around the less enticing plants. Blanket flowers joins other rabbit resistant plants such as sweet alyssum, ageratum, lantana, milkweed, shirley poppy, cleome, pot marigold, geraniums, wax begonia, strawflower, vinca, snapdragon, sunflower, salvia, globe thistle, catmint, among others.

It Produces Purple, Pink Or Yellow Blooms On Long Stems In Early Summer.

Cheerful yellow flowers deer and rabbit resistant low, spreading habit; Unfortunately, these plants will not deter them completely. If you don’t have any, check them out.

While You May Eat The Sweet Alyssum Petals, Tender Stems And Leaves (Raw Or Cooked), And Some Alyssum Foliage May Serve As Food For Gem ( Orthonama Obstipata ) And Other Caterpillars In The Order Lepiodeptera, Rabbits Hate Them And Will Not Eat Them , I.e., They Are One Of The Bunny Resistant Plants.

If a plant exhibits resistance, those in the same family are also likely candidates for resistance. The sweet in sweet alyssum derives from the flowers' pleasant fragrance (as with sweet autumn clematis). These purple sensation alliums grow well in the part shade of my back yard.

Rabbits Tend To Avoid Plants With Unusual Characteristics Like A Strong Flower Or Foliage Fragrance, And Fuzzy/Spiny Leaf Textures.

Of course, rabbits will eat lots of things depending on how hungry they are and what else is available. I have 8 planters total. Because of this, they will shun sweet alyssum.

Exciting Season Extender Brings A Fresh Class.

The plants form a dense carpet of flowers, and. This is a beautiful flower that grows in clusters of flowers that can be either pink, lavender, violet, or white. An ideal companion for spring bulbs, candytuft or sedum.

Grow It In Full Sun To Part Shade, In Almost Any Type Of Soil;

If you’re planting seeds, sow them on the surface of the soil after all chance of frost has passed. Grow it in full sun to part shade, in almost any type of soil; Rabbits don’t eat alyssum flowers or foliage (leaves, petals, or stems).

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